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 Poze Pistol Airsoft M9


Pistol Airsoft M9

SKU: 13466

Pret: 380,00 RON

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Pistol M9

Classic M9 model in a plast version. This M9 offers excellent value for money. The blowback is powerful and fast. The pistol has double action function and a working safety. The Hop-up is adjustable and the double stacked magazine holds 25 BB’s – note that a Co2 magazine is available for this model.
Other important information: slide and gunstock are made of ABS plastic, the magazine is metallic. Package contains: replica, a bag of about 100 BB's, fast charging device and instructions manual. We recommend using BB's of 0.20 g and gas ULTRAIR Power (Code: 14571) or PREDATOR (code A1)!

Hop-Up fix
Capacity Charger 26 bile
Weight 782 g
Length 210 mm
Width 28,66 mm
Pipe length - mm
Pipe Size 6,08 mm
Initial velocity of the ball (0.20 g) - GAZ Ultrair (Code: 14571) 96,5 m/s
Initial velocity of the ball (0.20 g) - GAZ Predator (cod, A1) 90 m/s
Energy (0.20 g) - GAZ Ultrair (Code: 14571) 0,93 Jouli
Energy (0.20 g) - GAZ Predator (code: A1) 0,81 Jouli
Material used outdoors plastic ABS

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Detalii produs

Categorie: Pistoale airsoft

Producator: ASG

Cod produs - SKU: 13466

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